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Eating Vegan and Raw on the Road with Pandie Suicide

Lunch at Dallas Airport! February 4, 2010

Last week I took a whirlwind trip to frosty Minnesota to check out/hang out with the boys in the band Blue Felix who are really awesome,¬† I’d describe them as sort of The Misfits meets Rancid. On the way back I had a brief layover in Dallas, Tx. I’d heard there was a fantastic raw restaurant called Bliss cafe, and thought perhaps my companion and I would have time to zip across to the place by cab, eat a delicious something then zip back and hop on our plane back home to LA.

Alas, after some googling and mapquesting, we discovered that this was not to be the case. A three hour layover wouldn’t be enough time to eat a raw feast and get back again in time to make our next plane. Whilst on the one hand I was kind of down for that, common sense prevailed and we ate at the airport. Don’t worry Bliss Cafe, I’ll definitely be back one day soon to try you out!

After perusing all of terminal A, we finally settled on a Mexican restaurant. I ordered the delectable-sounding¬† mango salad with a side of guacamole, and he, not being a vegan or raw but leaning a little in our direction, chose the nachos (no meat but with cheese and sour cream) and two veggie tacos with the cheese on the side, one of which I inhaled myself. The whole meal, while not strictly raw and full of iceberg lettuce which I am not the hugest fan of, was actually pretty good!Especially for airport food. The beans and the taco tortilla (His was flour but mine was corn because I’m allergic to wheat!) were the main things stopping the meal I had from being completely raw, but these are the tradeoffs you make when you travel, you do the best you can, and this was certainly a pretty good choice!