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What is a Vegan? July 2, 2010

Image taken from Etnies.com

While the true definition can vary on a case by case basis, the general consensus is that a vegan is a strict vegetarian. This means that the vegan will not consume animal flesh, fish, fowl, dairy proudcts or eggs. Depending on their level of commitment and the philosophy behind it, they may choose to abstain from consuming honey, royal jelly, pollen and/or any other bee/insect-related products.

However, depending on their ethics, vegans may not limit only their diet in its consumption of animal products, but they may also decline to wear, buy or otherwise use products made from animals such as clothing (including fur, wool and silk), shoes (leather, suede etc)  cosmetics and household items.

Politics and philosophies behind why a person will decide to become vegan, these can include animal rights reasons, environmental reasons, and simply health reasons.

Why are you a vegan?


Kefir Madness from Real Raw Live! February 5, 2010

Yesterday I stopped by Real Raw Live in Franklin Village again for breakfast this time.  Usually I would get my never-fail favourite, their Super maca 3500 shake, or at least some incarnation of it – with added spirulina or hemp protein or God knows what else! But today I felt a little adventurous. I felt like having….something…else.

The Menu there is always dazzling, and just like Wholefoods, I want to eat everything off it pretty much, but one thing that had caught my eye over and over again on various expeditions to this place, was the ‘Kefir madness’ drink. Just the name alone begged me to try it. So after double-checking it was vegan yu never can be too careful!) I ordered up one of these to go.

In the meantime while I was waiting for homegirl to whip up my fancy new concoction, (it was a little busy in there but that’s good – I love to see people eating…or in this case drinking…healthily ) I took a shot of E3 live that she poured into a real life shot glass for me. It felt as if I should be pouring whiskey down my throat, but no instead it was blue-green algae, the colour of green, green, green. “Here’s your pondwater”, as one of the guys whoserved me there one time exclaimed. Pond water indeed, but tasty pond water that makes you feel amazing! With all those nutrients packed tight there in that one little shot glass, E3 live is one superfood for sure.

Wow, she set it in front of me and just wow. The whole thing was an ultraviolet orange colour. It looked vicious. It looked tasty. It looked…divine. And it was. Coconut kefir, the main constituent of this drink other than berries and what seemed like quite a lot of paprika, is a fermented drink with probiotics in it that help promote good intestinal flora in your guts. so in other words it’s pretty good for you. Not having enough of the right ones in your belly is allegedly responsible for a whole host of health complaints, so kefir is amazingly good for digestive health.

While it was a little spicy due to the copious quantities of cayenne pepper she threw in there (again supposed to be good for your metabolism etc) this was a tasty treat that made me feel great and I would definitely get it again. Go real raw live!