Raw On Tour!

Eating Vegan and Raw on the Road with Pandie Suicide

Mandarines, Raw Cacao Butter and more at Wholefoods Market! February 4, 2010

One thing that you must know about me is that I love Grocery Store Adventures. Yes I know that may sound a little strange, but a trip to the grocery store, any grocery store no matter where or which one is always full of exciting discoveries. I love to explore those aisles and see what kind of weird foods I can come up with to find out about or incorporate in my next taste sensation.

Now, the creme de la creme of grocery stores, for myself at least, has got to be the one and only Whole Foods Markets chain. Visiting Wholefoods is like a first trip to Disneyland when you’re 10 years old – only better. I walk in there and literally want to buy everything! Tonight when I stepped in there to purchase some delicious feeds for dinner I saw this cute little fish box full of mandarins and was mesmerized. It’s cute fruit for sure.

And then in the “raw foods” section of wholefoods (yes they have one of those, I’m so excited!) i discovered they now stock raw cacao butter which I’d never seen in stores before, yum!! Imagine the magic you could make with that stuff! More tales to follow of my West Hollywood Wholefoods grocery store adventure !


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